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Midwest Medieval History Conference

Seventeenth Annual


Michigan State University


President: Donald E. Queller, University of Illinois
Vice-president: Marcia Colish, Oberlin College
Secretary-Treasurer: Richard Kay, University of Kansas
Councilors: John Barker, University of Wisconsin; John Freed, Illinois State University 
Nominations Chair: Timothy Runyan, Cleveland State University
Local Arrangements: Richard Sullivan, Michigan State University



Friday, November 3, 1978

9:00 -              Reception and cash bar
11:00 p.m.       Red Cedar Room, Kellogg Center


Saturday, November 4, 1978

8:30 a.m.         Registration, Kellogg Center
                        Coffee, Room 103

10:00              General Session, Room 103
                        Chairperson: Richard E. Sullivan, Dean,
                        College of Arts and Letters
                        Michigan State University, East Lansing

Clarence L. Winder, Provost
Michigan State University, East Lansing

10:30              General Session, Room 103
                        Chairperson: Professor Elizabeth A. R. Brown
                        Brooklyn College, City University of New York

A Problem in Interdisciplinary Research: The Barbarian Invasion
Walter Goffart, University of Toronto

Education in the Early Middle Ages: New Perspectives and Old Problems
John J. Contreni
Purdue University, West Lafayette

12:15 p.m.      Lunch, Red Cedar Room
                        Society of Midwest Medieval Historians
                        Business Meeting
                        Chairperson: Professor Donald Queller
                        University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana

2:00                General Session, Room 103
                        Chairperson: Professor Bennett Hill
                        University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana

The Venetian Response to Colonial Expansion
Louise Buenger Robbert
University of Missouri, St. Louis

Frederick Jackson Turner, Walter Prescott Webb, Geoffrey Barraclough and Charlemagne: Frontiers in Carolingian History
Thomas F. X. Noble
Texas Technological University, Lubbock

Changing Views in British History: An Assessment of Recent Work and New Directions for Research in Medieval History
Barbara Hanawalt
Indiana University, Bloomington

5:00                Reception, Red Cedar Room

6:00                Dinner, Red Cedar Room
                        The Social Background of Early Asceticism                         Peter Brown
                        University of California, Berkeley

Meeting Minutes

[Note on web version: Where possible I have attempted to locate the original images used -- or those very like them.  Where not possible I include Skip Kay's description of the slide at the appropriate point in the minutes. -TM]

It has been some time now since we have been told that "the medium is the message."  Now we are being told that generation raised on television needs visual images to put them in touch with the past.  The effect of these doctrines has sent many a teacher into his classroom armed with a a slide projector, but to my knowledge it has not yet been used to enliven an otherwise colorless set of minutes.  Always eager to be on the cutting edge of things, however, I now bring you the latest in secretarial technology--"Images of the Last Meeting--An Audio-Visualization of the Minutes," or, something to lat at since you have nothing else to do.

The sixteenth annual meeting of the Midwest Medieval Conference was held in the commodious Kellogg Center at Michigan State University in East Lansing on November 4, 1978.  

This was the first time that the conference had returned to the site of an earlier meeting, for our second annual meeting, in 1964, had also taken place there.  This time, however, our program was preceded, the night before, by a reception and cash bar.