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Midwest Medieval History Conference

Third Annual


Michigan State University


President: Richard E. Sullivan, Michigan State University
Vice-president: Lowrie J. Daly, S.J., Saint Louis University
Secretary: Lon R. Shelby, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
Program Committee: Gray C. Boyce, Northwestern University (Chairman);  Raymond H. Schmandt, Loyola University, Chicago; Paul J. Alexander, University of Michigan
Nominations Committee:
Arthur Hogue, Indiana University; Lynn Nelson, University of Kansas, Harold Fink, University of Tennessee
Local Arrangements Committee: Marjoie Gesner, Michigan State University; William Harry Jellema, Calvin College; McGill, Alma College; Sr. Mary Bride, Aquinas College.


Midwest Medieval History Conference

Friday, October 30, 1964

8:00-    Social Meeting
10:00 p.m.

Saturday, October 31, 1964

9:00      Registration--Conference Registration Desk, Lobby, The
a.m.          Kellogg Center

Morning Session

10:00    Welcome--Dean Paul A. Varg, College of Arts and Letters,
a.m.          Michigan State University

              Presiding--Paul J. Alexander, University of Michigan

                 Katherine Fisher Drew, Rice University

                 Franklin Pegues, The Ohio State University

12:30     Luncheon and Business Meeting
              Presiding--Richard E. Sullivan, Michigan State University

Afternoon Session

              Presiding--Raymond H. Schmandt, Loyola University

p.m.        1220-1240
                  James M. Powell, University of Illinois

               AND THE GREEKS
                  Harry J. Rosenberg, Colorado State University

                  Vsevolod Slessarev, University of Cincinnati

5:00        Social Hour

Evening Session

6:30        Dinner
p.m.         Presiding--Richard E. Sullivan, Michigan State University

p.m.            James Lea Cate, The University of Chicago

President's Letter

October 2, 1964

Dear Fellow Medievalists:

This letter will serve to invite you to the third meeting of the Midwest Medieval Conference to be held at Michigan State University on Saturday, October 31, 1964.  The enclosed program (arranged by Professors Boyce of Northwestern, Schmandt of Loyola of Chicago, and Alexander of Michigan) promises to equal, if not excel, those of the previous meeting at Carbondale and St. Louis.  As host institution, Michigan State University hopes to make your attendance as pleasant as were the previous meetings.  The local arrangement committee (professors Gesner of Michigan State University, Jellema of Calvin College, McGill of Alma College and Sister Mary Bride of Aquinas College) is working toward that end.  The committee hopes you will return the enclosed reservation cards as soon as possible to facilitate their plans.

There will be a short business meeting after the luncheon on Saturday.  The chief matter to dispose of is the election of officers (the slate to be presented by the nominating committee composed of Professors Hogue of the University of Indiana, Nelson of the University of Kansas and Fink of the University of Tennessee).  If you have strong feelings on this matter, please communicate with Professor Hogue.

For those who have not previously attended a meeting of the Midwest Medieval Conference a word of explanation is in order.  The organization was established primarily to provide an opportunity to meet fellow medievalists and to discover what they might be doing.  It was hoped that such meetings would foster medieval studies in the Midwest.  This area has been defined somewhat like the medieval Empire--a huge domain with fluid boundaries reaching from mountains to mountains and extending north and south as far as one can conceive.  Membership is akin to belonging to the City of God: those who attend meeting are members; their presence bears witness to their devotion, making dues and formal enrollment superfluous.  So all who have an interest in medieval studies are invited and urged to join this year's group.

The compilation of a mailing list of Midwestern medievalists still remains a problem.  If you know someone who might like to attend the meeting, please invite him or send his name to me so that an announcement can be mailed.  I beg the indulgence of department heads who receive this announcement and pray that they will pass it to the appropriate person or persons in their departments or institutions.

We shall be looking forward with pleasure to seeing you.

Sincerely yours,

Richard E. Sullivan

President, Midwest Medieval Conference

Conference Information (from the Program)

MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY welcomes this opportunity to serve as host for the Midwest Medieval History Conference, October 31, 1964.  We sincerely hope that you are able to attend this conference because we feel certain you will find it a pleasant and worthwhile experience.  Your conference HEADQUARTERS is The Kellogg Center for Continuing Education located just south of the corner of Harrison Road and Michigan Avenue on the campus.

Please make your RESERVATIONS for housing and meals by filling in the enclosed registration form and returning it to us at your earliest convenience.  Only a limited number of tickets are available for the meals over the pre-registration number.  To be assured of a place, return the form even if meals only are desired.  Reserved meal tickets are released for general conference sale fifteen minutes before serving time.  Meals not included in conference costs are served in The Kellogg Center.

REGISTRATION begins at 8:00 a.m., Saturday, October 31 at the Conference Registration Desk in the Lobby of The Kellogg Center.  This conference is under the guidance of Bruce Alderman, Conference Coordinator, Continuing Education Service, Michigan State University.

COSTS for the conference are:

Registration fee (to share expenses) ------------- $3.00
Luncheon, Saturday -------------------------------   2.20
Banquet, Saturday ---------------------------------   3.10
Housing --------------------------------------------   5.50 plus tax
      for a twin-bed room per person per night.  If you do not
      share a room, the single rate of $8.00 per night will apply.

Your name badge admits you to the conference sessions.

Meeting Minutes

The second annual meeting of the Midwest Medieval Conference was called to order by President Richard Sullivan and the minutes of the last meeting were read by Secretary Lon Shelby and approved.  The report of the nominating committee, submitted by its chairman, Professor A. R. Hogue, was then read.  No further nominations were offered from the floor and the following officers were accordingly elected: president: the Reverend L. J. Daly, S.J.; vice-president: Professor James M. Powell; secretary: Professor Richard Kay; councillors: Professor John R. Sommerfeldt and Professor Lon Shelby.

On behalf of the Loyola University, Professor Raymond Schmandt invited the conference to meet next year in Chicago.  This offer was gratefully accepted and the selection of a suitable date in October was left to the discretion of the local arrangements committee.

The chair then raised the question whether the conference should be limited to historians, as in the past.  After some discussion, it was agreed that the meeting should be primarily for historians but that medievalists from fields other than history should be included on the program if their papers were of general interest.

Professor Hill of the University of Colorado then explained the precarious status of the bulletin Progress in Medieval and Renaissance Studies in the United States and Canada and invited discussion on the advisability of resuming its publication.  After many favorable comments from the floor, Professor Schmandt moved that the conference endorse the continued publication of the periodical.  Professor Boyce seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved.  Professor Gessner announced a social hour at the conclusion of the afternoon program and the meeting was adjourned.


Note that the conference program inserts the word "History."

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