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Midwest Medieval History Conference

Second Annual


Saint Louis University
Washington University


Chairman: Richard E. Sullivan, Michigan State University
Secretary: Lon R. Shelby, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
Program Chairman: Robert S. Hoyt, University of Minnesota
Nominations Chairman:
John Sommerfeldt, Western Michigan University
Local Arrangements Chairman: Lowrie J. Daly, S.J., Saint Louis University



Saturday, October 26, 1963


(Brown Hall--Lounge)

            Presiding: Peter Riesenberg,
            Washington University

 9:15 A.M.  Registration

10:00 A.M.  Welcome: Robert Payton, Vice
            Chancellor, Washington University

10:15 A.M.  "Mansi and Rouen: A Critique of the
            Conciliar Collections"
               Richard Kay, Knox College

            "The Role of the Master Mason in
            Medieval English Building"
               L. R. Shelby, Southern Illinois

12:30 P.M.  Luncheon--Washington University
            Host--Wohl Center
               Brief Business Meeting


(Pius XII Library--Knights Room)

             Presiding: Lowrie J. Daly, S.J.,
             Saint Louis University

 2:30 P.M.   "The Possibilities of Medieval
             Social History"
                Sylvia Thrupp, University of

             "Social Classes and Settlement on
             the Domesday Welsh Frontier"
                Lynn H. Nelson, University of

 4:30 P.M.   Social Hour--Saint Louis University
             Host--Knights Room

 6:15 P.M.   Dinner: Alexander Room, Rogers
             Hall, Saint Louis University


(Pius XII Library--Knights Room)

             Presiding: Richard E. Sullivan,
             Michigan State University

 7:30 P.M.   "In Retrospect: A Memory of Three
                Gray C. Boyce, Northwestern

Chairman's Letter

August 8, 1963

Dear Fellow Medievalists:

I am not certain that you will appreciate a letter to disturb the waning days of summer vacation.  Nevertheless, I feel that it is time to remind you that the second meeting of the Midwest Medieval Conference is not too far in the future.  You will recall that at the Carbondale meeting last May Father L. J. Daly of St. Louis University was kind enough to extend an invitation to the group to meet in St. Louis.  I have asked Father Daly to serve as chairman of the local arrangement committee.  He has been able to arrange a meeting place for us on  October 26, 1963.  You will soon be notified in greater detail about the meeting.  For now I hope that you will reserve October 26 and make plans for attending the meeting in St. Louis.

The program for the St. Louis meeting has not been settled but we hope it soon will be.  Professor Robert S. Hoyt of the University of Minnesota has agreed to serve as program chairman.  He would be glad to accept any suggestions on the matter of the program.

I hope that we can attract a good number of medievalists to the St. Louis meeting.  Perhaps each of us ought to do a little private publicizing among our acquaintances in order to persuade them of the virtue of participating in the Midwest Medieval Conference.  A little later I plan to draft some of you who were present at Carbondale for a committee to publicize the meeting in each state.  Some have been kind enough already to volunteer for this job; perhaps others who are willing to serve would let me know.

Before the October meeting I shall try to send each of you a draft of a plan for the permanent organization of the Midwest Medieval Conference.  Then we can discuss this problem at our October meeting.  Any ideas on this problem will be appreciated.

I am looking forward to seeing you at St. Louis University on October 26.

Sincerely yours,

Richard E. Sullivan

Chairman, Midwest Medieval Conference

Chairman's Letter

October 17, 1963

Dear Fellow Medievalists:

Two matters prompt me to write to each of you at this time -- both vital to the future of the Midwest Conference of Medievalists.

First, I hope you will make an effort to attend the second meeting of our organization to be held in St. Louis on October 26.  You have undoubtedly received from Father Lowry Daly of St. Louis University a program for the meeting.  I am sure you agree that it will be an interesting day.  Therefore, I trust you will make a special effort to join your fellow medievalists to enjoy the hospitality of St. Louis University and Washington University.  If for some reason you have not received notice of the meeting, all you need to do is ask the Coronado Hotel for a reservation.  Someone will be present there Friday evening and Saturday morning to direct you to the meeting place.  The new organization needs your support, so I urge you to attend.  And I hope you will urge other medievalists whom you know to attend.

Second, the Midwest Medieval Conference requires some formal organization if it is to continue.  At the last meeting it was suggested that a constitution be adopted at the October meeting in St. Louis.  I have enclosed a proposed draft of a constitution which I hope can be discussed, amended, and adopted at our business meeting.  Would you be so kind as to examine the document and bring any suggestions you have to St. Louis for discussion?

I shall be looking forward to seeing you on October 26.

Sincerely yours,

Richard E. Sullivan
President, Midwest Medieval Conference

P.S. I would greatly appreciate the cooperation of department heads in passing this letter and its enclosure to the appropriate person or persons in their departments.

Meeting Minutes

Presiding at the meeting was Professor Richard Sullivan, acting chairman for the conference.  Professor Sullivan asked for a report from the constitutional committee.  After the report was made, the constitution for the conference was approved by those persons present at the meeting.

Professor Sullivan then asked for a report from the nominating committee.  Professor John Sommerfeldt, chairman of the committee, presented the following names for nomination to the office as defined in the constitution: president: Robert S. Hoyt and Richard E. Sullivan; vice-president: Lowrie J. Daly and Hilmar Krueger; secretary: James M. Powell and Lon R. Shelby.  From these nominations the following were elected as officers of the conference for the year 1964: president: Richard Sullivan; vice-president: Lowrie J. Daly; secretary: Lon R. Shelby.

Professor, now President, Sullivan then raised the questions as to where and when the next conference should be held.  After some discussion, it was decided that the meeting should take place in October, 1964, in East Lansing, Michigan, at Michigan State University.  Since the 1964 calendar of events at Michigan State was unknown at this time, it was decided to let President Sullivan choose the particular date in October that could best be arranged on the university calendar.

As for the various committees--program, local arrangements, and nominating--which would be necessary for the 1964 conference, President Sullivan suggested that these could best be appointed after there had been sufficient time for deliberation on the matter.  Since there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
L. R. Shelby

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